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SZL series boilers

it is a packaged water-tube boiler designed with double drum longitudinal type chain grate. The 4T/H boiler is transported out of factory as a whole. But for 6T/H boiler, it should be divided into two parts (upper and lower parts) during transportation. The boiler has features of compact construction, less area occupied, single-layer arrangement, simple installation period and less investment. 

Key features of SZL series boilers:

A:Double drum longitudinal type;

Scientific structure, reasonable water circulation, sufficient heating surface, high thermal efficiency, good stability, convenient operation and maintenance, safe running

B:Reasonable configuration of front and rear arch, applicable to different types of coals, large combustion space, gases are well mixed, full combustion, high dust sedimentation rate, low dust exhausting concentration, high efficiency cyclone.

C:Light chain grate stoker with multi-grate bars for selection: light small grate bar, big grate bar, middle grate bar, grate bar with movable core, flake type grate stoker, ECO grate bar. Especially the grate bar with movable core, which is made by malleable cast-iron, has the advantages of high strength, less coal leakage, well ventilated, strong capability of ash-cleaning, convenient maintenance.

D:This series boilers are designed with characteristics of double inlet, independent air chambers, the air duct has good sealing performance, excellent adjustment performance, uniform air distribution, full combustion, fast temperature and pressure rising. The sealing plates at both sides of grate are made of laminate molding plate which enable the boiler can be repaired easily during running. 

E:Adopt a furnace wall insulation structure, the wall is constructed of refractory bricks with vermiculite concrete insulation material, the external wall is covered by small laminated steels to prevent air leakage and heat loss. This structure is beautiful, durable and easy to maintenance. 

F:This boiler is designed with the characteristic of high level automation and multi-level protection mechanisms that enable boilers to run safely and operate conveniently. 

G:Fully equipped with auxiliary equipment, instruments and valves supplied by designated factory with more than 30 years’ cooperation history. The quality is stable and the supply is reliable.

H:The economizer is adopting our patented product “Anti-ash deposition economizer” with characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and low exhaust gas temperature. 
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