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Boilers will be manufactured strictly in accordance with Chinese standard, ASEM USA standard and European CE standard. The quality of our products is always stable over the past four decades without major technical accidents. Our autoclave products won the national silver medal and the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (Third prize). 

We guarantee that our products will be manufactured strictly in accordance with standard, from contract signing, drawing design, welding conditions to each process of production, inspection, transportation and service. A detailed record is made during production process in which you can easily find who bought the parts, who supplied the parts, who checked data, who is responsible for welding and so on.

Our company has established quality assurance system since the early 1980s in order to ensure the quality of products. After decades of practice and improvement, a perfect and effective quality control system has been gradually formed and has obtained ISO9001 certificate in 1997. 

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